Mid-term progress meeting in Groningen

12 March 2015

Hosted by DNV GL, the mid-term progress meeting was held in Groningen (NL) on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2015, at end of the 18th Month of the project.

The meeting included and Advisory Board event, and was focused on the assessment of the progress of activities in view of the formal review to be undertaken during next June.

The first day was devoted to the discussion of the progress of individual Work Packages, based on the presentation by the leaders, and to the assessment and agreement on the best approach to frame and present project achievements at mid-term.

For each Work Package, the presentation and the joint discussion was therefore also oriented to ensure that the overall project framework would emerge clear for people who are outside the project team, and that the relationships among the work packages would be properly highlighted.

Specific attention was devoted to the most recent formulation of project test cases in real life conditions, which are representative of various complementary scenarios and can actually ensure the correct assessment of the methods and tools made available by work packages 2, 3, 4 and 5 (see description of project at

The second day was dedicated to the discussion of project status and progress with the members of the DREAM Advisory Board, further enriched through the involvement of Ms Ana Aguado from EDSO for Smart Grids, Mr Zaid Al-Jassim from Dansk Energi, Professor Geert Deconinck from the University of Leuven (B) and Mr Jaime Andres Rodrigues Perez from ENEL.

The Advisory Board provided very useful criticism and suggestions on the best approach to highlight the peculiar DREAM approach and its advantages, while providing a thorough view of main achievements to-date. The Board formulated also specific recommendations to increase the actual impact of project on the smart grids stakeholders.

Next progress meeting will be hosted by IML Fraunhofer on the 28th and 29th of May in Dortmund, two weeks before the formal review of project in Brussels on June 11th.