Independent Advisory Board of major scientists, industrialists and policy makers

Complementing directives from the Project Steering Committee by providing qualified and independent views and recommendations

The Project Advisory Board (PAB) includes representatives from different DREAM stakeholders, selected and invited according to their expertise and experience with a priority given to:

  • Coordinators of the following projects: INCREASE, IDE4L and evolvDS0
  • Representative of European Leading Universities in Smart Grid subjects
  • Representatives of TSOs and DSOs
  • Manufacturers

The PAB meets once a year and:

  • Is ensured access to project progress information, development directives and decisions taken by the Project Scientific and Technical Board,
  • Discusses the aspects related to business and scientific/technical progress of activities, providing recommendations and suggestions on way forward
  • Highlights criticalities and provides feedback on perceived barriers to rapid take up of results, both from and industrial and a political/societal point of view.

Composition of the Project Advisory Board.