First collaboration meeting of the four Projects that were awarded a grant in the 2013 FP7 Smartcities 7.1.1 call

2 December 2013

On the 2nd and 3rd of December 2013 Ghent University hosted the kick-off conference of the INCREASE project.

A full two-day meeting, with the participation of 20 people from the 12 partners, was devoted to address administrative and mainly technical issues arising from the effort deployed during the first quarter of the project.

On the 2nd of December the International Smart Grids Conference was jointly organized with the Smart Grid Flanders organisation, leveraging synergy in approaching common stakeholders.

The 3rd of December was completely dedicated to the exchange of know-how, experiences and ideas between the four European projects that have been awarded an European Union grant in the 2013 FP7 – smartcities 7.1.1 call: DREAM, evolvDSO, IDE4L and INCREASE.

DREAM participated through its Project Coordinator (in the side picture) and two Work Package leaders.

Dr. Raphael Caire, DREAM Project coordinator, reported to partners that “a fruitful exchange of information and innovation views occurred”, and he declared also his confidence that a stable framework for future collaboration along the execution of the four projects was jointly established.