DREAM plenary progress meeting at TNO Delft

20 November 2013

The first plenary progress meeting was hosted at TNO premises in Delft, The Netherland, on November 20th and 21st 2013.

A full two-day meeting, with the participation of 20 people from the 12 partners, was devoted to address administrative and mainly technical issues arising from the effort deployed during the first quarter of the project.

The meeting was the opportunity for presenting and discussing the structure and look of the DREAM web site, that was anticipated to be published in its first version during the first days of 2014.

With the kind participation of the EU Project Officer Patrick Van Hove, the meeting was attended by 25 representatives of the 12 project partners.

Special attention was given to the first public deliverable of the project, due at month 6, the D5.1 “DREAM reference object model and dictionary”, containing the structure and initial contents of the project dictionary, built to ensure a common understanding of terms and boundaries in the use of common expressions.

The dictionary will allow for properly address the specificities of the innovative view adopted within the project, while staying as much as possible compliant with the valuable work developed so far on the Smart Grids concepts, especially through the SGAM initiative.

The common satisfaction of participants on the progress made and presented so far was witnessed in his conclusive speech by the Project Coordinator, Professor Raphael Caire, who thanked all partners for their effort and for their commitment to make the collaborative processes most effective and capable of accommodating for the rapid progress of project activities, as shown during the meeting.