DREAM Plenary Project and First Advisory Board Meeting at ActValue Milan

16 April 2014

On March 20th and 21st 2014 ActValue hosted the first Advisory Board Meeting and a Plenary Project Meeting at Royal Garden Hotel in Milan, Italy. The Advisory Board formaly meets on a yearly basis and provides critical information and strategic views on progress of the work.

The Plenary Project Meeting on the 20th saw the participation of 22 representatives of the 12 project partners. After the publication of the first project public deliverable, the reference object model and dictionary, most of the work and discussion was devoted to ensure the various activity streams that are proceeding in parallel are in synch with one another and the theoretical work that is produced will effectively lay the foundation for the pilot demonstrations.

In addition the work package leaders made preparations for the following day presentation to the Independent Advisors.

The night ended with a typical Italian meal in a restaurant close to the famous Duomo and La Scala Theatre.

The following day, the Project Coordinator, Professor Raphael Caire, illustrated the project status and direction to the Advisory Board: a significant number of core topics and top priorities were raised and the Board provided initial recommendations on several open options.