The publication policy in the DREAM project

It is the intention of the DREAM project consortium to pursue widest dissemination of scientific and technical results achieved.

The project has 16 official deliverable reports that will be made publicly available.
The dissemination of those deliverables is done through the project site, using this “downloads” page.

Within the same web page, the project publishes the “White papers” issued by partners on specific technical and scientific issues treated within the project.

With respect to papers presented at national and international conferences, the approach taken is to publish all the abstracts of papers accepted by Conferences technical committees, providing on the project web site after the conference (with a delay depending on specific agreements with the conference organising bodies):

  • The link to the conference publication when the conference organisers take the responsibility for public dissemination (free or for-a-fee);
  • The full text of paper when there is no formal commitment by the conference organisers to manage the dissemination of the paper.

Public dissemination of peer-reviewed papers is performed in accordance with specific procedures applied by the individual editors, in compliance with the rules and recommendations provided by the EU Commission for FP7 and for Horizon 2020.




  • D2.1 - Scientific advances to enable distributed market place at the distribution level

    PDF - 2 MB
  • D2.2 - Solutions and practical implementations to enable distributed market place at the distribution level

    PDF - 7 MB
  • D3.1 - Scientific advances to enable distributed balancing market place at the distribution level

    PDF - 423 kB
  • D3.2 - Solutions and practical implementations to enable distributed balancing market place at distribution level

    PDF - 1 MB
  • D4.1 - Scientific advances to enable distributed direct real time control at the distribution level

    PDF - 862 kB
  • D5.1 - Dream Reference Object Model and Dictionary

    PDF - 3 MB
  • D5.2 - DREAM Framework for active distribution grids: Common capabilities

    PDF - 4 MB
  • D6.1 - Monitoring requirements - Test Process performance metrics

    PDF - 2 MB
  • D6.3 - Industrialisation and Integration roadmap

    PDF - 324 kB
  • D7.2- D8.2 -D9.2 - Balancing Market: detailed test plan

    PDF - 5 MB
  • D7.3 - D8.3 - D9.3 - Market driven smart distribution grid: campaign test results

    PDF - 15 MB


  • DREAM electricity market design - 20th October 2014 - WHITE PAPER

    PDF - 335 kB
  • Economic and Business Modeling of the DREAM Marketplace

    PDF - 2 MB
  • DREAM participation to the fourth workshop of the DISCERN project

    PDF - 1 MB


  • Extending the electricity marketplace to distribution entities

    PDF - 384 kB
  • LV4MV: a concept for Optimal Power Flow management in distribution grids, using DER flexibility

    PDF - 218 kB
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of households energy boxes deployment in Europe: impact of the spot prices

    PDF - 260 kB
  • Distributed and coordinated Demand Response for the supply of Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR)

    PDF - 217 kB
  • Control strategies for a decentralized, real-time operation of distribution grids

    PDF - 201 kB
  • Sensitivity analysis of local flexibilities for voltage regulation in unbalanced LV distribution system

    PDF - 203 kB
  • Applying Innovative IT Modelling Methods to Low-level Grid Information for DSO Operations

    PDF - 263 kB
  • Distributed and Coordinated Demand Response for Frequency-controlled reserve supply

    PDF - 218 kB
  • Agent-based distribution grid operation based on a traffic light Concept

    PDF - 186 kB
  • Convergence Acceleration of Gossip Protocols Applied for Decentralized Distribution Grid Management

    PDF - 201 kB
  • The DREAM innovative software architecture for high DG-RES distribution grids

    PDF - 202 kB
  • DREAM: an ICT architecture framework for heterarchical coordination in power systems

    PDF - 210 kB
  • Flexibility activation optimization for constraints management in distribution grids, using der flexibility through lv4mv

    PDF - 277 kB
  • A heterarchic hybrid coordination approach for congestion management using the DREAM framework

    PDF - 510 kB
  • Magic - A microgrid agent intelligent cont

    PDF - 854 kB
  • Multi-goal optimization in powermatching city: a smart living lab.

    PDF - 316 kB
  • Overview of Decentralized Distribution System Operation Techniques

    PDF - 693 kB


  • DREAM Winter School, Interaction meeting with twin projects, and Innovation game

    Prof. Raphael Caire PDF - 673 kB
  • Agent based coordination for Smart Grid and Microgrid

    Prof. Nikos Hatziargyriou PDF - 4 MB
  • Agent based coordination for market issues - Theoretical foundations and practical applications

    Prof. René Kamphuis PDF - 4 MB
  • Smart Rural Grid (FP7) Smart and MicroGrids for Rural Area

    Prof. Andreas Sumper PDF - 4 MB
  • INCREASE Agent Based Control View

    Prof. Andrej Gubina and Prof. Grigoris Papagiannis PDF - 2 MB
  • evolvDSO LV State Estimator and Voltage Control

    Ricardo Bessa PDF - 3 MB
  • Congestion Management in Distribution Networks

    Zaid Al-Jassim and Francisco Ramos PDF - 1 MB
  • DREAM project presentation

    Prof. René Kamphuis and Prof. Raphael Caire PDF - 5 MB
  • Market Approach Session

    Cristina Cochero PDF - 812 kB
  • Distribution Constraints Market evolvDSO roles and use cases

    Ricardo Bessa PDF - 784 kB
  • DREAM Project Presentation - Interaction Metting

    Prof. Raphael Caire PDF - 865 kB
  • INCREASE Market Concept - Overview of key issues

    Prof. Andrej Gubina PDF - 1 MB
  • Agent based coordination for Smart Grid and Microgrid – Distributed Techniques in Power System Operation

    Despina Koukoula, Iasonas Kouveliotis-Lysikatos, Nikos Hatziargyriou PDF - 3 MB
  • Innovation Game – Introduction

    Prof. Maud Damperat PDF - 1 MB



  • Press release by ESR on 28th November 2016

    PDF - 347 kB
  • Newspaper “Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace”, 17th December 2016

    PDF - 541 kB