Collaboration with complementary Research and Innovation initiatives

Clustering with other projects addressing distributed energy generation from renewable sources and joining European energy innovation initiatives

The four project proposals that were awarded a European grant in the FP7 Call “Energy 2013 7.1.1” decided to establish links to exploit synergies and to harmonise complementary developments toward the collaborative design of a complete framework for future smart electrical distribution grids.

Identification of synergy and collaboration opportunities are pursued through:

  • The participation to joint collaboration sessions during major internal conferences of individual projects;
  • The invited attendance of project coordinators to the Advisory Board meetings of other projects.
Market driven architecture in Smart Grids to enable active distribution solutions through heterarchical organisation structures
Redesigning roles and responsibilities for future Smart Grids and ensuring support to transition to new operational framework
Active distribution networks for large-scale penetration of renewable distributed generation and energy efficient appliances
Designing new control strategies and advanced ancillary services for enhanced penetration of renewable energy sources

Application for the EEGI Label

The EEGI (European Electricity Grid Initiative) Label acknowledges that a specific project is in line with the spirit of the EEGI (i.e. knowledge sharing of results, system level innovation, etc.) and an EEGI Functional Project as specified in the EEGI Implementation Plan and Roadmap 2010-18.

EEGI Label acknowledges that the project satisfies minimum defined criteria, considered necessary prior to full deployment of tested solutions (i.e. provides existence of deployment plan, considers different local conditions, etc.).

The application is currently being submitted, for DREAM to be awarded the EEGI Support Project label.