A balanced consortium of Academic, Industrial and Energy Operation partners

Ensuring best suited knowledge and competencies to successfully address research, innovation and take up challenges with a proper European scope

DREAM is a challenging, interdisciplinary project, requiring a mix of distinct competence profiles from various sectors of industry and multiple scientific disciplines from research and academia. In order to reach the planned objectives, the consortium has carefully been formed around the required core competencies. Partners contribute their excellence in the respective field and knowledge domains.
The consortium is pan-European and includes partners from seven countries. The geographical distribution ensures to the consortium the presence of different cultures and socio-economic conditions, allowing for enhanced representation of various approaches to energy policy, legislation and grid regulation, assorted conditions for renewable energy (solar, wind, bio), and final private consumers attitudes and readiness to proactive electric use. This is particularly important in view of the exploitation of concepts, that would best occur across Europe in parallel, due to existing and planned strong interconnections among national grids and to expected large advantages from the new distribution grid scenarios.
The consortium was designed to respond to a set of additional criteria, which were identified as critical to the success of project, and include:

  • Coverage of main stakeholders classes for electric distribution grid;
  • Expertise and experience on grid control design, operation and research;
  • Scientific research expertise on critical ICT themes and technologies;
  • Availability of adequate test environments;
  • Specific expertise on economics and marketplaces;
  • Effective dissemination and exploitation planning.