Advisory Board

Ana Aguado

Ana Aguado is Secretary General at EDSO for Smart Grids since October 2014. Prior to joining EDSO she has been CEO of the Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG), and held positions at the European University Institute as Head of Brussels Office, in ETSO (the European association of transmission system operators) as Secretary General, in EURELECTRIC (the association of the European electricity industry) as Head of Unit for regulation, and the European Commission (DG TREN). Ana Aguado holds degrees in Law (University of Valencia, ES), MA in Business law from the University of London and Private International Law from The Hague University.

Zaid Al-Jassim holds an MSc degree in electrical engineering, specialized in electrical energy systems. Currently, he is working as a development engineer at the Danish energy association (Dansk Energi). His main focus is the development of future energy systems and smart grids.

Zaid have been formerly working for the oil & gas industry and acquires a wide experience in dynamic modelling and analysis of electrical energy systems and the integration of renewable energy resources.

Jacques Arbeille

Jacques Arbeille is demand response market analyst at Energy Pool – an active demand response aggregator, providing flexible demand-side management services to the electrical system by operating 1200MW of demand capacities, mainly from industrial plants.

At Energy Pool, Jacques is in charge of developing current and new markets for demand response in countries where the company operates demand response flexibilities. Prior to this, Jacques was senior market risk analyst within one of the main energy utilities in the UK. He is a graduate engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Michel Bena is SmartGrids Director for RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Electricité), the French TSO.

He is responsible for the SmartGrids projects involving RTE, and more particularly the projects involving TSOs and DSOs.

Regine Belhomme

Dr. Regine Belhomme is Project Manager and Senior Engineer in the R&D Division of EDF SA. Her activities have concerned the integration of Distributed Generation and Renewables into the transmission and distribution grids. She is also involved in projects on demand side integration and on active demand. She was the Technical Manager of the ADDRESS European Project.

She is active in international working groups, including CIGRE WG C6.09, CIGRE WG C6.20, ETP Smart Grid WG3, ISGAN Annex 7, and CIGRE WG C5.19.

She is presently focusing on the integration of active demand and flexibility resources into the markets, while ensuring electricity system security.

She has authored more than 60 publications (see e.g. her ResearchGate page).“

Carlos Costa Rausa works since 2010 in the Network Development department of Enel Distribuzione, where he is heavily involved in European-scale Smart Grids projects.

He earlier worked for four years at Design of Systems on Silicon, SME specialized in the design of broadband Powerline Communications technology.

He holds an MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London (2004) and an MBA from IESE Business School.

Geert Deconinck Geert Deconinck is full professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He performs research on the design of dependable system architectures for industrial automation and control, specifically in the context of smart electric distribution networks. In this field, he has authored and co-authored more than 380 publications, authored 5 books and edited 2 more.

Since 2012 he is head of the research group ELECTA (Electrical Energy and Computing Architectures) at the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT). He is also scientific leader in the EnergyVille research centre on energy for sustainable cities.

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Davide Della Giustina holds a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Physics. His former research activities were the control of power electronics converters and the analog/digital signal processing. He has a more than 10 years of IT experience in embedded-systems.

He is currently working for the Italian A2A Reti Elettriche S.p.A. as innovation Project Manager to improve the electricity distribution grid and its management, with a focus on telecommunication, network automation, business process re-engineering, standardization and IT architectures.

Leonardo Meeus

Leonardo Meeus is Associate Professor of Energy Markets at the Vlerick Business School in Brussels.

Leonardo is also a Part-time Professor of the Florence School of Regulation at the European University Institute, and a Visiting Professor at the KU Leuven where he graduated as a Commercial Engineer with a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

He was the scientific coordinator of the FP7 project THINK, and currently directs the Future Power Grid Managers Programme at Vlerick Business School.

Jaime Rodrigues works in the Smart Grids and New Technologies department of Enel Distribuzione, where he is involved in European-scale Smart Grids projects. He is currently responsible of evolvDSO dissemination and exploitation activities.

Jaime has also worked for Enel Produzione where he managed the Italian electricity generation park gaining extensive experience in European electricity markets.

Lieven Vandevelde

Lieven Vandevelde graduated in electromechanical engineering and received his Ph.D. degree in 1997 at Ghent University (UGent).

With the Electrical Energy Laboratory (EELAB) at UGent he has been researching in various domains of power engineering, and since 2004 is coordinating as professor the research on power networks

He is also coordinating the Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) consortium, clustering more than 10 research groups of UGent. Since 2011 he is director of the Power-Link energy knowledge platform.

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